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  • "Cyber-Flight" by aaa-na
    What a wonderful site! You'll think so too if you're looking for page builder help, tools, images, animations, MIDI, sequencers; the list goes on and on. Not your everyday links page, Nancy (aka: aaa-na) has constructed this site with such style and professionalism as to make it a "benchmark" in webpage development. See for yourself how good a page can be.

  • Trivial Pursuits
    This page by Sylvia Quon includes some insightful movie reviews along with a large variety of subjects sure to spark your interest.

  • Greetings From Hollywood

  • Reel Deals

  • Film Notes
    Terrific site for referencing the use of classical music in film.

  • The Classical Music Archives
    Without a doubt CMA is the most comprehensive index of classical music on the net.

  • The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
    Quite simply - if it's about movies, find it I did.

  • A Midi Pastoral
    This was my first crude venture into webpage building using a webtv box - dropped after the Assemblage began taking up so much of my time. I'm surprised Tripod hasn't eliminated it after years of inactivity...I don't even remember how to get in and edit it. I still love some of the wonderful MIDI selections to be found there.