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The Apostle
midi.gif I'll Fly Away
1997 Butcher's Run Films

The hardest soul to save was his own.

The Apostle

It's been almost a year since I last saw this movie, and it still echoes in my mind. At first it reaffirmed the cynicism with which I regard many I've seen who emote the word of God - like bad actors auditioning for a role in a film they want you to produce. But unlike those we merely glimpse on the tube, or perhaps behind the pulpit, this character is fully realized in the short two hours we're with him, thanks in large measure to the power of Robert Duvall's performance. His strengths and terrible weaknesses become embattled in his struggle for redemption, and in the end is more inspirational than any revival meeting could my opinion of course. Also look for a short but terrific performance by Billy Bob Thornton.

Highly recommended for heathens and the saved alike.

______________________ ~Gary

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