Gary's Movie Midi and Poster Assemblage
midi.gif - Chopin's Fantasie - Impromptu
1991 C.L.G. Films / Governor Productions
Les Films Ariane / Sovereign Pictures

Frederic Chopin
Hugh Grant
George Sand
Judy Davis
Alfred De Musset
Mandy Patinkin
Franz Liszt
Julian Sands
Marie D'Agoult
Bernadette Peters
Marie D'Agoult: George! You'll want to sit over here, my dear -- all the respectable people are on the other side.

[Their first meeting, after she sneaks in while he's playing the piano]

George Sand: Oh, don't stop! Monsieur Chopin, you are in the middle of a miracle! --I'm not quite yet cured.

Frederic Chopin: How did you get in here? Who are you?

George Sand: I am your slave, and you have summoned me with your music.

Frederic Chopin: Oh, yes. I think I know who you are: I have heard you described. Madame Sand, rumor has it you are a woman, and so I must ask you to leave.