Gary's Movie Midi and Poster
A s s e m b l a g e
oscar.gif midi.gif - Mozart's Un'aura Amorosa
from "Cosi Fan Tutte"
sequenced by Craig Pinker

1989 Ferndale Films / Granada
Raidio Teilifis Eireann
*R-rated language below*

A true story about life, laughter -
and the occasional miracle


Nurse: "Mr. Brown, you know that smoking is not good for you."

Christy: "I didn't ask for a fucking psychological lecture, I only asked for a fucking light."


One of the single most amazing performances I've ever seen by an actor - Daniel Day-Lewis couldn't help but win the "best-actor" Oscar for his role of the Irish painter, poet, novelist Christy Brown. Seeing this film the first time at the theatre put me in such physical discomfort, it was a long time before I could watch it again. Having finally done so, I now appreciate it all the more. Terrific movie.

______________________ Gary