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Star Trek: Nemesis
midi.gif Irving Berlin - Blue Skies [1927]
2003 Paramount

Blue Skies

I don't often express my personal opinion within these entries but desire to do so in the case of this film. I'm not a trekkie - just a fan.

After reading all the negative press this film received from all sides, it was a long time before I bought my ticket. Someone needs to alert those who haven't seen it to the possibility that this is indeed a very rewarding movie experience. There are two action sequences I could have done without. It's not a perfect film - I haven't seen that one yet, but the script, effects, music, and acting put this entry at the top of my own Trek experience.

Through these wonderful "next generation" characters the Star Trek universe has been more effectively explored in its familiar paths - those of family, separation, loss, and hope. This film is a dark, deeply personal and touching film. Stewart and Spiner have never been better and the subtleties of their performances make this exploration far more powerful than those taken with broader strokes in previous outings by this and by other crews.

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